We invest in non-tech Founders with brilliant ideas and subject-matter expertise.

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Who we invest in

Quality of idea

We invest in high-potential UVPs (unique value propositions). We expect the Co-Founders to possess clear evidence about their customers' needs as well as a solid plan to execute the business idea.

Quality of Co-Founding team

We partner up with subject-matter experts. For example, to develop a legal solution, you need to be a legal expert with substantial experience in your industry. Additionally, if you bring along a biz dev Co-Founder, it significantly increases our chances of success.

Willingness to relinquish control over all tech decisions

Our Tech Leads will act as your CTO, Chief Design, and Chief Product Officers. We solely work with our tested-and-proven processes, tools, and people. We expect you to be OK with that and understand the value and experience we bring to the table.


Ability to co-invest in your startup

While Jubile Tech Incubator is the primary investor, we expect you to contribute financially to your project too by co-investing $25K - $125K (depending on how much equity you are willing to give up).


Since we bring the technical expertise in the table and guarantee the best chances of success from a technical standpoint, we expect you and your team to bring the industry expertise, market knowledge and unique value proposition. Possessing fully aligned, equally capable stakeholders from both the business and tech departments with a solidified co-risk sharing agreement provides us with the highest probability of succeeding.

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Where we invest

Startup stage: Ideation / Concept

We invest at the earliest early stage and work with you towards acquiring seed funding within the next 20 weeks. If you have a more advanced startup (e.g., you possess a half-developed MVP or are in BETA testing), please get in touch to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Geography: North America & Europe

We are predominantly interested in markets we have already succeeded in and understand their dynamics. Jubile Tech Incubator actively invests in the entire EU, USA, and Canada. If you are based in another country, please don't apply; we apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Industry: All things software

Our team possesses decades of experience developing products for crypto, fintech, proptech, edtech, insurtech, healthtech, marketplaces, and so on. We don't have any hardware or service development expertise and, thus, will automatically decline all respective applications.

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JUBILE Tech Incubator's FUNDS
When we invest
Start fund | Idea stage | Initial investment

Jubile Tech Incubator acts as your lead pre-seed Angel Investor and provides you with cash that are automatically invested into your startup's R&D. The amount of our upfront investment depends on the equity you are willing to give away. Our "Hope" fund manages $2M, with another $2M committed in 2023.

Reinforce fund | Seed stage | Follow up investment

Jubile Startup Builder currently possesses $3M under management for follow up investments at the seed stage. While at this moment we don't lead seed rounds, we will complement the lead investors and re-invest in our most promising startups.

* While the above amounts are based on actual data, they are not absolute. Due to raging inflation, the data shows that the baseline investment amounts will keep increasing in the future.

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